Home School Phonics Program for Kids

Parents choose to home school their children for many different reasons. For example, if you live in a rural area or somewhere without solid school districts, you may choose to home school your child to provide them with the best education. Other parents choose to home school for religious reasons to teach them the Bible alongside traditional subjects like math, science, and reading.

Other kids just do not do as well in the traditional school system because of hyperactivity or social struggles. If you are a home school parent or are considering this method of education for your children, you do not have to do it all on your own. At SenseAble, we offer a home school phonics program so that you can teach your kids these important building blocks to reading and writing.

Digital Learning

At SenseAble, we want to make learning for kids of all ages. That’s why we integrate phonics with graphics and images as well as video lessons. Our programs are online, so you can take advantage of the flexibility that home schooling offers.

Many parents choose to home school so that they travel more freely with their kids and show them other aspects of the world. If you enjoy traveling with your kids, you can bring our phonics programs on the road with you to ensure that your kids do not fall behind.

Customizable Lessons

If your child has learning disabilities or other struggles when it comes to learning, you can tailor our program to your child’s ability and needs. You can take it at a pace that is comfortable for you and go back to learn lessons that your child needs extra help with.

For more information on our home school phonics program for kids, contact SenseAble by filling out our online contact form. We look forward to providing you with the resources you need to teach your kids phonics at home.