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At SenseAble, we are excited to help your child develop a love of reading and learning with the help of our phonics learning strategies online course. Our courses are designed to captivate the mind of your little ones and guide them through the basics of letters and reading. Our phonics learning strategies course will help them memorize the letters and sounds they need to learn to start reading.

SenseAble is committed to helping your child learn their basic reading skills with ease. Our online courses can be a great way for you to connect with your child and join them on their journey to become great readers. Our courses can give them the skills they need to move forward with their education with added confidence.

With our affordable online courses, you can give your child the jumpstart that they deserve. We use phonics as a way to engage your child and challenge them to cultivate their reading skills. If you are ready to give your child a wonderful hands-on learning experience, explore our fun courses below.

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SenseAble Strategies

Research studies have consistently proven that the weak decoding skills of disabled readers are usually due to a core deficit in phonological awareness. Impaired readers lack the conscious realization that spoken words are composed of individual, discrete sounds or phonemes. Weaknesses in perceiving and attending to the component sounds of our language hinder the ability of the student to comprehend the alphabetic principle, namely that speech sounds are systematically represented by print.

Course Content

The ability to accurately and fluently identify words without guessing or predicting enables the good reader to direct full mental energy toward the meaning and structure of text resulting in the comprehension of the material. Consequently, skilled readers tend to be superior at reading comprehension and comprehension strategies. Poor readers experience difficulty accurately decoding new words and developing reading automaticity and fluency, resulting in weak comprehension, minimal reading enjoyment, and reduced self-confidence.

Exploring Letters
  • Recognizing letters as special symbols
  • Exposure to the alphabet
  • Identifying uppercase letters
Listening Skills
  • Hearing if words are the same or different
  • Introduction to rhymes
  • Exposure to the first sounds in words
Developing Language
  • Practicing new and familiar vocabulary
  • Stringing words together
  • Exposure to connecting spoken and written words
Engaging with Books
  • Early concepts of print
  • Introduction to different genres
  • Love of reading
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What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Kyrsten Randolph

I am very impressed with your program and how it helps my child learn the letter sounds. He watched your video a few times and now he knows the letter sound. I can’t wait for him to memorize all of your videos and the letters and begin to read.

Dustin Driskoll

My child is dyslexic and it has been a nightmare for him to learn how to read. It seems like your videos allow him to use his complete brain to master the letter sounds. He is really excited to travel to your website and watch the next letter to unfold.

Lorna Kenzie

Your graphics on top of the letter has allowed him to memorize the letter sound. He watches your videos a couple of times and he can tell me what the letters say. All I can say is, wow!


The SenseAble Phonics Program bridges the gap between validated research and classroom implementation. Firmly based on powerful and verified data, this program provides the tools needed to effectively teach the structure of our written language code. With the SenseAble system, students of all ages, achievements, and ability levels can experience the joys and benefits of reading and spelling mastery.

Your child is starting on a journey of phonics mastery. Encourage them to engage in the alphabet videos and learn the leer sounds. These must be accomplished to achieve reading success.

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