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Reading is a crucial skill for all age levels. The right program can help your child obtain a firm understanding of letters and sounds to prepare them for the next step in learning to read. SenseAble offers a thoroughly developed phonics reading program that uses mnemonic techniques for children as well as adults who are learning literacy.

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Our phonics program uses strong memory devices to help students learn letters and sounds. And because of its online format, you can use it anywhere, from home to the classroom. Our program is adaptable and accessible so that each student gets what they need from it.

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Phonics Reading Program

The SenseAble Phonics System is an effective alphabet program that has been used successfully with thousands of students in the pursuit of literacy. Successful students know how to use phonics and decode words. Mnemonics, or memory tricks, accelerate the learning process. SenseAble combines phonics and mnemonics to create twenty-six powerful educational tools.

SenseAble uses a wide variety of simple visual images that are clear, distinct, and strong. Each image illustrates the connection between the shape of the letter and the sound it represents. Each visual association forms an intense memory link between a letter and its sound. These twenty-six SenseAble illustrations are easily understood by all students of literacy.

The SenseAble PhonicsSystem is the culmination of thirty years of work with thousands of students in a wide range of instructional settings. The program was originally created by Jeanne Northup, a special education teacher, in response to the unique educational needs of impaired learners. During many years of planning, development, and implementation, Jeanne, together with her husband, Pete Northup, configured the methods into an instructional system that is appropriate for all ages and ability levels.

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