What is SenseAble?

Is your child struggling to read? The SenseAble Phonics Program will give your child the confidence they need to improve their reading skills and excel in the classroom. Firmly based on powerful and verified data, this program provides the tools needed to teach language comprehension effectively. With the SenseAble system, students of all ages, achievements, and ability levels can experience the joys and benefits of reading and spelling mastery.

Who Can Use This Course?

Our program works for children of all ages and abilities, but typically our users are 3-7 years old.

How Can I Get Access to the Full Course?

Sign up and purchase the course on the SenseAble website and gain lifetime access for a one-time fee.

How Do I Get My Child Started?

The first step is to order. After you order, you will immediately receive an email with your login information. After you log in, you get instructions and access to the complete series of our SensaAble Phonics Program videos.

Phonics Program

Our phonics program uses strong memory devices to help students learn letters and sounds. And because of its online format, you can use it anywhere, from home to the classroom. Our program is adaptable and accessible so that each student gets what they need from it.

Give your kids the best learning experience from home.

Hope Restored

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Hope Restored

See Why SenseAble Is the #1 Choice For Your Child


“My daughter had difficulty learning her letters and sounds. SenseAble has been the solution to her problems. With your unique graphics, she has mastered all of the alphabets and enjoyed learning them. I now have hope that she will be able to read. Thank you so very much.”

Joan H.


“Your graphics on top of the letter has allowed him to memorize the letter sound. He watches your videos a couple of times, and he can tell me what the letters say. All I can say is, wow!”

Lorna Kenzie


“My child is dyslexic and it has been a nightmare for him to learn how to read. It seems like your videos allow him to use his complete brain to master the letter sounds. He is really excited to travel to your website and watch the next letter unfold.”

Dustin Driskoll


“I am very impressed with your program and how it helps my child learn the letter sounds. He watched your video a few times, and now he knows the letter sound. I can’t wait for him to memorize all of your videos and the letters and begin to read.”

Kyrsten Randolph